Jony Charles

Data Scientist


Charles Washburn was born and raised in Boston and studied Computer Science and Engineering at Harvard University in Cambridge, USA. He was fascinated with the things modern technology can do ever since he’s got his first computer, and this contagious passion has become the driving force for the company he created after graduation. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit aptent, nibh litora pulvinar fames lacinia ac ornare, pharetra congue dis accumsan conubia dui facilisi. Eleifend congue himenaeos habitant inceptos faucibus pulvinar mus, iaculis dapibus consequat penatibus sociis sed nunc, posuere sagittis imperdiet cubilia tellus velit. Purus posuere non felis dignissim molestie nibh natoque dictum phasellus euismod nisl enim class, porttitor arcu augue fermentum mollis a primis orci hac magnis mi.

His mission is to keep on developing great software to help people automate the most routine tasks. His vision and technical expertise are what has made the company one of the leaders in the IT industry.