How To Configure Display Member Details in Modal or Single Page

Member details can be displayed in two ways with the WP Team Pro Plugin.

  1. Modal
  2. Single Page

Each of the types has a few related properties. Let’s have a look at the properties.

Member Details in Modal #

Display the member details in a nice popup with the modal. Modals can be stylized in several ways-

  • Modal Type: Select a modal type from-
    • Single Member: Clicking on a member will display only that person’s member details.
    • Multiple Members with Navigation: With this modal type, you can navigate the member details on the popup.
  • Modal layout: There are four different layouts to display the modal.
    • Classic Modal
    • Slide-Ins-Left
    • Slide-Ins-Center
    • Slide-Ins-Right
  • Modal Background: Change the modal background color as you like.

Member Details in Single Page #

You can display the member details on a single page. Single page-related properties will be found in WP Team Pro > Settings > Single Page.

  • Layout for Member Single Page: There are two layouts to display the member details on a single page.
  • Schema Markup: Enable or disable the schema markup for the member’s single page.
  • Member Meta Fields: Show or hide the meta fields and order them as needed.
  • Image Size: Set the single-page member image size as you like.
  • Member Details PDF Download: Enable this option to display a PDF Download button on the single member page.
  • Social Icon Alignment: Change the Socail icon alignment for the single-member page
  • Arrow Color: Customize the Navigation arrow color as you like.
  • Arrow Font Size: Change the arrow font size as per your need.

Follow the steps below to display the member details in Modal or Single Page-

  • Navigate to WP Team > Team Generator.
  • Create a New Team and Give it a Title.
  • Go to the Member Details Settings Configuration Tab.
  • Choose the Detail Page link type according to your preferences.
  • Configure and display your member details page attractively.